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    The StrongArm™ technology of this premium tray mount protects your bikes and lets you load each one in 10 seconds or less. So you're guaranteed a speedy escape in your getaway car.  Side-to-side position and rear strap adjustability lets you carry two bikes of any size, type, design, color, creed or flavor right out of the box, or carry up to 4 bikes with the optional Plus-Two add-on.  The mast folds up and into itself when not in use, and it also folds down for rear-of-vehicle access.

    • Carries up to 2 bikes (2 bike add-on available for 4 bike capacity)
    • Fits widest range of bike designs
    • Can carry different frame styles and sizes simultaneously
    • New tongue geometry on 2" model allows for clearance with popular truck tailgates

    • Premium Pin Release enables tray to fold up when not in use
    • New PullPin technology eliminates the need for a safety pin

    • LockDown™ security cable included

    • RocSteady™ hitch tongue for greater stability

    • Integrated bottle opener
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